About us

Hamza & partners is an architectural firm has been established in the year 1993 in Alexandria, Egypt by consultant Architect Mr. Mohamed Hamza who has graduated from Alexandria university the year 1985.

The firm since then is trying to achieve excellence in the architectural and urban design through an expression that is both functional and technological progressive yet culturally conservative, achieving an architecture of regionalism that is also an expression of its time.

The firm's range of projects includes different kinds of building types spreading both locally and internationally. These projects includes office building, research educational buildings, courtrooms, residential and commercial complexes and urban planning.


The firm excellence of work led it to receive several design awards and its work has been published in several architectural magazine and books.


Mr. Mohamed Hamza the founder of the firm has been appreciated by the architecture community in Egypt as an emerging young architect.


His work has been widely published and received several design awards and he has invited also to share in several architectural exhibitions and gives speeches in several academic and institutional organizations.

His recent work electronic research institute is considered one of the major national projects in Egypt.

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